About Me

Portrait by Graham Collinson

Rosie Helendale

Dancer/choreographer in the virtual world of Second Life since 2012 
Been in second life since May 2008 and wow what a roller coaster ride its been! It may be a virtual world but your reactions to it are most certainly real.  Is this a game? NO most certainly is not, its social networking! I have been lucky to find some friends that are genuine and I consider not just someone I interact with in second life but a real life friend too.  I love to be creative, build and dance and have been involved in various ventures from building and running themed sims to my current passions of running Tranquil DnB Club (http://tranquildnb.blogspot.co.uk/), a hangout for DJ's and those that enjoy DnB genre of music and dancing in original shows performed by Shadows Silhouettes, choreographing dance animations and becoming a solo artist under 
the stage name Ruby Rose 

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