Thursday, 29 October 2015

Harrington Estate ~ Haunted House and Woodlands

My SL sister, Sugar, messaged me and said she wanted to do a Halloween sim,,,, well I wasn't all that keen at first but I soon got the bug and got stuck in and even created a short back story for it.  I've finally finished it just in the nick of time, two days before all hallows eve,,( phew lol) because afterwards it will all be gone and we plan to replace it with a winter wonderland,,,,, cant wait to get started!

  Harrington estate was owned by the late Dr.Harrington who often offered his mental health patients 'refuge' in his own home

 His treatments were highly questionable and any sane person gave him a wide berth
 Some say he went mad himself and was in 
league with the shaman witch living in the dark forest behind the house

After his demise, his estate became a magnet for the undead and all that is supernatural with activity reaching its peak at Halloween
Will  you venture onto the estate to discover for yourself what strange goings on lurk round the next corner?  
Video Tour:

Friday, 9 October 2015

This'n'That Shop ~ Halloween Gatcha

So just for fun, I set up a Halloween Gatcha.  A
set of 7 animated posters to collect.  Click the link above
to see the moving images in world
Only 25lindens per turn
Go on have a try! 
The pumpkin man bowls a severed head lol

Friday, 2 October 2015

Autumn in Paris Show

 Yesterday was our Autumn In Paris show.  We all enjoyed showing off our burlesque style french dance numbers to a packed audience, with the the lovely Miss Pink Vampire singing between the dances.  Samuel Wetherby was there and published an article all about the show. I managed to grab some photos off the report but for a full review and other dance news and entertainment in second life, click the following
link :-
By popular demand we shall be performing the show again on Thursday 8th October 2015 at 2pmslt

Venue Designed by Shadow Tarber

Singer: The Pink Vampire

Dancer: Shadow

Dancer: Sho
Dancer: Aelva

Dancer: Ruby Rose