Friday, 7 July 2017

Things to do in Second Life ~ 1. Dance and listen to a live singer

There are so many things you can do in Second Life, I decided to list a few,, in no particular order,, just as and when the ideas come to me!  Last night I went to listen to one of the best singers in Second Life, Alycat (legacy name: aleylia resident). She is a lovely lady with a superb singing voice and I recommend you join her group (The Aley Kats) and watch out for a notice of her next performances at various venues all over the grid.  On a side note,, when I logged in to make a the video to this blog, I got a notice from Abranimations, they have new bento 60's dances out.  You can get 60s Medley 1 for FREE, this weekend only 7th to 9th July.  The link to take you straight to the free dance is listed below.  I've also done a short video to show what the dance is like and a snippet of Alycat's lovely voice. Hope you enjoy 👍

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