Monday, 16 November 2015

Winter is Coming,,,,and so is Christmas!

 A cosy log cabin with roaring open fire nestled in the snowy pine forest mountains is the best way to spend the winter months.  For me that's not going to happen in real life but all is not lost,,, it can be created in second life!  I embarked on a project to build that cosy log cabin and fireplace with a few extras thrown in for the forthcoming holiday season too which can be found for sale on my market place store or in world
Link to market place store:

Log cabin frontage,,, my favourite feature is the weather control. For this time of year you have the option to have snow on the roof and snow fall and for other times of the year you can have it raining!
(the pine trees are a free gift in the shop, only one prim each)

 Cabin interior,,,,wooden staircase to balcony first floor for an open plan feel

Cabin interior,,,, spacious for easy camming around
A few seasonal decorations
Festive fun kissing under the mistletoe ~ try it out for yourself in world!

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